Solheim Cup: Stacy Lewis explains tough decision to withdraw

Stacy Lewis confessed as she begs for her job on the support staff that having to pull out of the week’s Solheim Cup was one of the toughest decisions of her profession.
Lewis suffered a back injury at Portland and was restricted to short game training since, prompting her husband to inform Juli Inkster of her position and ensure that alternative, Ally McDonald, was earlier than anticipated.
Major champion Lewis, who has played in the last four Solheim Cup contests, hit just a couple of shots during training before the realisation dawned that her back issue hadn’t recovered sufficiently to playwith.
Inkster announced early on Tuesday the Lewis would be substituted by McDonald, who becomes the sixth rookie on the group that was visiting, but also the Team USA captain insisted that Lewis would still have a enormous role to play behind the scenes.
“It has really been a rough, I figure, week and a half,” said a psychological Lewis. “It started Friday in Portland, but that I thought I’d give it two or three days and it would get much better. I understand my back and I understand my body well, and it is not the first time that I’ve had issues.
“And, when it wasn’t a few days, that’s when I phoned Juli, and I just wanted Ally to be here as peace of mind for the group and for everyone. I have been coping with physios in your home and physios here, and it just didn’t move well. I believed it was which, in a couple of days, I was not likely in order to become ripping drivers.
“I didn’t even need to mention anything to Juli. I believe we both kind of knew this was the decision so we told Ally to get ready. I didn’t wish to make this choice, but it is what is ideal for the group and what is ideal for me with my body.”
Inkster awarded a captain’s selection to add expertise to her line-up to Lewis, and she commended Lewis’ honesty, insisting that she’d stay a precious asset to the group throughout the week.
She said:”Stacy’s been really up front, really honest with me. She realised it’s a group event and we need 12 players. And she realised that Ally should have a sense of the golf program.
“Stacy went outside and hit a few shots on Monday and it did not go well, and I believe we kind of knew it was not going to move well. It is just a choice that is hard because she is one of our leaders because I picked Stacy and I needed her to play.
“However, I feel as though I really have the best of both worlds right now; I’ve got a healthful participant in Ally, and I’ve Stacy helping us out. It is disappointing for her, but I mentioned ten years from now it’s going to become a blip in your lifetime. You’ve got a good deal more Solheim Cups, and you’ve got a ton more golf this year that you need to consider.”
Lewis lent her since it became apparent she would have to withdraw, and that she spent a lot of Tuesday’s practice alongside McDonald.
“I have had the time to process it and the team was super supportive,” she added. “The women have been great and they have helped me a lot during it. Since this is my tournament we have it is just really, really disappointing. And that first tee, there’s nothing like this. So I am only disappointed I do not get to hit on that shot. But I’ll be watching.”

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