Excavation Services

Commercial Excavation Services

Digging up Pipeline and water lines can be pretty serious plumbing work. If your business or municipality requires excavation services, you want the best and most experienced service provider available. Kate Malabanan  Plumbing offers a wide range of excavation services that are tailored to your needs. There’s no need to stress when it comes to fixing an underground plumbing or PipeLine problem.



Much of Kate Malabanan  excavation work involves digging up existing water and Pipe lines and repairing the damaged pipe sections or replacing the entire pipeline. This can be a small job or a large one, depending on the region of the country and the severity of the damage. For instance, Pipeline and water lines in Metro Manila and and nearby provences only lie a few feet beneath the ground because of a shallow frost depth and lack of basements.

PipeLine Repairs

PipeLine repairs become necessary when cleaning is no longer possible or the frequency required to keep the line open is no longer cost effective. Luckily, we offer solutions to a variety of underground plumbing problems:


  • caused by a large foreign object restricting water flow
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  • to the point that the pipe’s integrity has become compromised
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Bellied pipe

  • when a section of the pipe has sunk due to ground or soil condition
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Leaking joints

  • when the seals between pipe sections have broken allowing sewage to   flow into surrounding soil
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